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Fibreglass Swimming Pool Manufacturing Process

Fibreglass Pool Manufacturing Process


1. Mould Preparatiom Prior to production, the pool mould is cleaned to maintain Harvest Pools’ premium product standard.

2. Gel Coat Application In the first stage of manufacture, layers of gel coat are applied to the mould. After curing time and a quality control inspection, it moves to the next process.

3. Vinyl Ester Application The Vinyl Ester layer is applied after the gel coat layer to give the pool shell its waterproof protection. The amount of Vinyl Ester is precisely applied to ensure it meets Harvest Pools’ quality standards. Curing time is also allowed after this layer

4. Fibreglass Re-Lamination Once the Vinyl Ester has had time to cure, the fibreglass re-lamination process begins with the application of a structural fibreglass layer.

The next stage is the reinforcement with the application of Balsa strengthening strips.  Hooks for lifting the pool shell and ties for pool coping construction are now added.

A final reinforcement fibreglass layer is applied, which completes the manufacturing process at Harvest Pools.

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